Collection: Lenny Boy Mural Prints

Who says nocturnal creatures aren’t adorable, too? NOT me! To enhance both the day and nighttime fun of the space, let's discover what the animals of North Carolina get up to when nobody is watching. Playing off the logo, the beloved dog Lenny, I will focus this mural on animals.  I will have an owl, some possums, foxes and of course, tons of raccoons! Lightning bugs float around these creatures of the North Carolina nights. Each animal will be painted to include their chest and shoulders and the patterns of their shirts. The animals will showcase the images of the amazing diversity of beverages and the cool packaging of the cans and bottles from the brewery. Because you know, if these party animals could get their paws on some of these hops, they would be hoppin’ for more.The lighthearted animals will have reflections from the lightning bugs flitting around them. Each animal’s face will be large in scale, five feet across, to be visible clearly from the tap room window.  From my years of background in the fashion industry, I will be sure the critters are wearing some flair!