Collection: Many Faces Series

It is through the appreciation of our differences that we learn to accept each other. Each painting in this series is part of an ongoing exploration of how we live in each other’s presence, courageously, lovingly, and with an eye toward growth and betterment. This collection of art celebrates diversity, vibrancy, and beauty. It is through these vibrant works that viewers can appreciate the breadth of different cultures, skin tones, and appearances of humanity on earth. It is a reminder that we can always celebrate and appreciate our differences.

The art in this series is very colorful. In the later works of the series the artist Liz Haywood adds lush greenery between the faces. In many of the paintings in the series a few animals peep out to add a bit of whimsy. All people are important. The colors in our world make a rainbow and each person is an important part of that.