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Flowers in Vase

Flowers in Vase

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length 48” x height 30” x width 1.5”
Spray Paint + Acrylic Pen + Latex Paint
Painted on Canvas
Back is Wired to Hang Without Framing

Peach, pale orange and cream flowers rest in an aqua vase on a dusky blue-gray background in this fine art painting on canvas by Liz Haywood. Delicate ferns unfurl along the bottom of the bouquet. This soothing botanical study is all about texture. Drips, splatters and rich texture in the art of Liz Haywood are created with layers of acrylic pen, latex and spray paint. With confident, free gestural strokes she builds up thick layers of paint on the canvas.  The repetition of the blooms ties them together visually creating a peaceful rhythm in this work. Full of subtly shifting colors, these buds are sure to tie the color scheme in any room together. 

Liz's process for creating any of her lush botanicals is very hands-on. She loves to get dirty when she is painting and when she is gardening. Even when this artist is painting something delicate, light and airy like these peachy blooms and dripping ferns she always comes away with paint under her nails (and sometimes even on her face and hair). 

When you purchase Liz Haywood's artwork you are getting a piece of representational fine art on top of an abstract piece. Notice the subtle abstract painting under this vase of lush greenery and blooms. There are washes of dove gray, pale blueberry and aqua blended with hues of natural ceramic.

When Liz is working on a botanical painting the process can take anywhere between four days to four months. As she is working she lets each layer dry individually, building layer upon layer of color and texture.

You can picture Liz working on the background of her art grabbing handfuls of paint and letting it ooze between her fingers, just like a gardener might relish the feel of a handful of soil. Liz will scratch and massage the latex paint into the canvas to create a rich texture. In some areas Liz contrasts this dense paint technique by applying thin washes of watered-down color.

Liz uses several kinds of paint. Flowers in Vase was painted with Gouache, Spray Paint and Latex Paint. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, latex paint is exterior house paint, like the kind you would get from Sherwin-Williams or Home Depot. Liz's favorite brand of latex paint is BHER paint. 

About The Artist:
Liz graduated from Appalachian State University and then attended the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. She completed her studies winning several student awards. Liz was attracted to the professional challenge of working in New York. She worked primarily as a graphic artist in Manhattan for seven years. After attaining the position as head of graphic design for the popular shoe brand, Dolce Vita, she focused on establishing herself as an independent artist. Returning to the south, she developed a steady demand for her art through social media and local showings. In Atlanta, she painted several murals in public spaces to voice her social concerns. After relocating to Charlotte, Liz created a body of work for festivals and arts shows, including Bethesda Art Row and The Festival in The Park. She was awarded an Honorable Mention by SouthEnd Arts and the Brooklyn Collective in 2021. That year Liz was also accepted into a mural residency program by Brand the Moth, where she completed her capstone mural at Lenny Boy Brewing Company. Liz’s work is now being displayed nationwide after being juried into the ArtPop class of 2022.

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