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Mushrooms on Pink

Mushrooms on Pink

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length 24” x height 36” x width 1.5”
Spray Paint + Acrylic Pen + Latex Paint
Painted on Canvas
Back is Wired to Hang Without Framing

Do you need a little life and fun in your home or office? The painting 'Mushrooms on Pink' will give you the bold color pop you crave. As you look upon this latex and spray paint artwork it is easy to imagine the ochre shrooms erupting from a decaying tree stump in a magical meadow. These painted sporophores combine the detailed controlled brushwork of a pro with the free-spirited street-art style paint drips of a dreamer. 

These colorful, funky fungi drip down the canvas. Raw sienna, tan and cream melt down into a pretty pink background. Liz Haywood loves to paint mushroom. This umbrella-shaped fungi is a very funky plant that is full of personality. These brightly colored lemon-drop toadstools may look potentially poisonous to some. To others they may seem to be just what you need for a psychedelic good time. They are so bright they almost glow! These fleshy fungi are painted on canvas.

About The Artist:
Vibrant colors permeate the art of Charlotte native Liz Haywood. Liz graduated from Appalachian State University and then attended the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. She completed her studies winning several student awards. Liz was attracted to the professional challenge of working in New York. She worked primarily as a graphic artist in Manhattan for seven years. After attaining the position as head of graphic design for the popular shoe brand, Dolce Vita, she focused on establishing herself as an independent artist. Returning to the south, she developed a steady demand for her art through social media and local showings. In Atlanta, she painted several murals in public spaces to voice her social concerns. After relocating to Charlotte, Liz created a body of work for festivals and arts shows, including Bethesda Art Row and The Festival in The Park. She was awarded an Honorable Mention by SouthEnd Arts and the Brooklyn Collective in 2021. That year Liz was also accepted into a mural residency program by Brand the Moth, where she completed her capstone mural at Lenny Boy Brewing Company. Liz’s work is now being displayed nationwide after being juried into the ArtPop class of 2022.

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